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Do You Want To See What You Print? Look No Further

Just when I thought I had enough gadgets to last me for a while, a company called Artefact has released a printing concept to make me – and I would expect all of you – drool like a baby grabbing for a new toy. 

The “See What You Print” printer is still a concept, but what a concept it is!  The idea of being able to move, refine and edit your photos on the printer’s touch screen is a very clever design concept. 

According to the design specialists behind the SWYP printer, one will be able to “easily preview and edit on the touch-screen before printing. Just like you would do with the real paper.

Color results become predictable with a screen that is always calibrated to the printer and unwanted print areas are easily spotted and can be removed by simply ‘swyping’ it off the screen.”

Check out the video below and visit the Artefact Group’s website for further information. 

 Is this the direction of future printers? Tell us what you think. 

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