A Review Of Arcana Studio’s Interactive Mobile 3D App, The Gwaii


IPad specific interactive books and learning material for children of all ages are evolving at a rapid pace.

With each new release, the interactive ingredients of the content push the envelope further and further, challenging the imaginations of both the publishers and the consumers.

An example of this is the recent release of Arcana Studios’ 3D comic, The Gwaii.

The award-winning graphic novel was adapted into a mobile app, featuring thirty interactive 3D pages, which can be experienced without any visual aids. The app is available now on iTunes in the iPad App Store for $1.99.

Arcana Studios, one of the world’s top graphic novel producers, has partnered with MoBaD Media, a mobile app developer, specializing in 3D children’s storybooks and comics, to launch Arcana’s The Gwaii as an interactive mobile 3D App.

I had the opportunity to watch and listen to Part One of The Gwaii (Parts Two and Three are in-App purchases that I will review at a later date).

I was thoroughly impressed with the creative energy expended to produce a 3D comic that captured the hearts and minds of it’s readers.

The 3D animation of the main characters, the crisp sound effects and expressive narration elevated this App beyond the realm of a $1.99 purchase.


The Gwaii App visually transforms the original tale of Tanu, a young Sasquatch lost in the Canadian wilderness in search of his mother and trying to make his way back home.

Through his adventures, Tanu befriends fellow Sasquatch, Jaadaa and together they uncover hidden clues to help battle the most fearsome mythological creatures ever whispered about in the wilderness.

The story is a tale as old as time – the triumph of good over evil – but it never ceases to inspire.


The App is rated E for Everyone, but those of you who are gun-shy and don’t want to expose your children to the sport of hunting may find a short segment of this tale problematic for child viewing.

Hopefully, the hunters can be tamed in future updates and make this App more child-friendly.

However, the essence of the story makes this App a worthwhile read. It is brilliantly conceived and impeccably produced. I fell in love with the characters and developed an immediate empathy for them. The voiceovers are fantastic, very realistic and genuine.

The producers of The Gwaii have very generously contributed a video link to accompany this review.


IPad Version

Video Teaser


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  1. Thank you for the very kind words. A recent update of The Gwaii has Parts 2 and 3 as In-App Purchases so the entire 84-pages of the story are now available.

    As you point out, The Gwaii is more “adventurous” than most of the storybook apps you will find in the App Store. Our first 3D storybook, The Penelope Rose, is a fairytale that will appeal to younger children but we kept hearing from parents of older kids, particularly boys, that their needs weren’t being served in the iPad storybook space and they are thrilled that The Gwaii is more to their liking.

    If you haven’t seen The Penelope Rose, here are the links:
    • YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeVzYygLPoE
    • iPad – http://goo.gl/DbyMl
    • iPhone – http://goo.gl/42QMq
    • Mac – http://goo.gl/VyNcC

    Have a great day…


    Tim Tembreull
    Producer – Mobad Media

    • I was going to send you the link this evening. You beat me to it. I am so glad that you liked the review despite the slight disclaimer re young children.

      The Gwaii interactive book is just outstanding and I look forward to viewing Penelope Rose. Thank you for the links.

      Looking forward to more 3D creations from Arcana Studios.

      All the best


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